Roasted Pork Ribs-Abalone-Chicken-Dried Oyster Yummylicious Porridge

My girls don’t really fancy porridge, unless the porridge is cooked with tons of ingredients and is full of flavor and tasty like this one:

Porridge with roasted pork ribs, abalone, chicken (marinated with sesame seed oil and sea salt) and dried oysters. 

Even Baby who dislikes porridge and mushy stuff loved this porridge and whacked off 2 full bowls – 1 bowl for lunch and 1 bowl for dinner.  Her bowl of porridge is behind the big bowl of porridge in the picture. I chopped up some stir-fried veggie for her too. 

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7 thoughts on “Roasted Pork Ribs-Abalone-Chicken-Dried Oyster Yummylicious Porridge

  1. wow..not only your kids love, this auntie here also drools over this porridge.. so much liews.. abalone some more.. must be super nutritious…
    btw.. do you have an email addy that i can contact u with? i would like to share something some info with u..

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