Saturday, 7 March 2020

As the number of Covid-19 cases in our country increases rapidly, so does the fear. And the panic buying.  I didn’t feel the need to stock up on groceries yet until the mil and some relatives prompted me to stockpile on daily necessities like bread, rice, meat, canned food, bread and of course toilet papers!  Yes toilet papers. Why do people all around the world stockpile to the extent of fight for toilet papers?  In the worst case scenario, i.e. you’re really so unfortunate to have to be quarantined at home and you run out of toilet papers, you can always wash and wipe your down under, can’t you? I still don’t see why people have to hoard toilet papers and kitchen rolls 🤔

As to why some people stockpile on toilet papers and food stuff, I can only surmise that people buy in bulk so that they don’t have to make frequent trips to the supermarket. And in the event they have to be house-quarantined, they are well-stocked with essential items. Makes sense?

And so after being prompted to stockpile on toilet papers and essential items, today I went to 99 Speedmart and Big Pharmacy to stock up on these items😅  These places were packed with customers, stocking up on face masks, hand sanitizer, toilet papers (even kitchen rolls!), canned food and sacks of rice.

Saturday is pet therapy day. Today we saw the pet shop owner teaching a customer’s German Shepherd tricks and instructions. And oh my, the dog is so clever and obedient! Even more obedient than a human!  Cass and I visit the dogs and cats at this pet shop after piano class every Saturday.

Did you know that German Shepherd is known as being one of the most intelligent dogs in the world? This breed of dog is often used as police and military dogs.  They are equally good at herding, guiding, rescue or acting as watchdogs while most owners claim that they are much easier to train than other breeds.

Dinner was at Lot 10, an impromptu whim by the hubs. For once on a Saturday night, there was no traffic congestion at the Bukit Bintang area and driving around the area was a breeze.  The jubilant tone at this touristy place looks dampened by the current Covid-19 crisis.  The J’s Gate Dining and Hutong Food Court @ Lot 10 were not crowded like it usually would on weekends. We first had some light fine Japanese food at J’s Gate Dining and then segued into Hutong Food Court to savour the best of KL and Macau street food.

Many empty tables at the Hutong food court:

My favorite Macau Pork Chop noodles:

Almost deserted at the Isetan supermarket:

After dinner, we digged into the famous 6th Avenue Cheesecake, matcha cheese cake and Tiramisu at The Tokyo Restaurant @ Lot 10.  Before Covid-19, on a usual Saturday night or Sunday afternoon, we would have to wait for at least 15 – 20 minutes for a table. But tonight, there was no queue and we got a table immediately.

We left Lot 10 promptly after dinner. For once, I didn’t even have the mood to shop at H&M! All I wanted to do was to go home, remove my street clothes, wash them with disinfectant in hot water and shower. Haha, I am that OCD and such a  hypochondriac. But who’s not now? 😬

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2 thoughts on “Saturday, 7 March 2020

  1. It is getting totally ridiculous now with ppl stockpiling! We have Asians here buying bags of rice ( I buy a bag of rice maybe once every 8 months…). I told my husband that if we run out of bathroom tissue, we can improvise with newspapers but he thought it would be too rough! Told him to crumple it up a bit first to soften! Why do us wives have to think of everything! 😝
    And it kills me to see ppl wearing masks incorrectly, why even bother!
    Thousands die every year from influenza and nobody has concern for that, not even getting a flu shot.

    1. Now that you mentioned using newspapers to wipe your sensitive region, there’s this pork seller at my neighborhood who uses newspapers to wipe his hand ‘clean’ after he chops raw pork! If there’s really a worldwide toilet paper shortage crisis, we would have to improvise on any paper we can find at home haha! My girls have loads of unused exercise books left from previous years 😉

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