School Holiday, Day 2 (1 June 2016)

This morning I was interviewed by a Caucasian professor from an Australian university at a cafe in my neighborhood. The topic was on social media ‘micro celebrities’ who are also parents. It’s for his research paper. It was an eye opening experience for me.

While I was away, Cass and Sherilyn attended Mandarin enrichment class at home.  The mil spent the entire day making dumplings (‘bak chang’).

The last time she made dumplings was many, many moons back.

In the evening, the girls played badminton, football and skipping rope at the pool area, with me having a watchful eye over them from my air walker in the gym.


Our dinner was dumplings with 2 simple dishes of blanched mustard greens and steamed egg with minced meat.

The mil’s dumplings are suitable for the health conscious.  They are bursting with mung beans, minced dried shrimps, salted egg yolk, mushrooms, chestnuts and pork. They are not oily, not salty and not cloy. Very yums!!

Tomorrow the mil will be making more dumplings. I guess we will be having dumplings for lunch or dinner everyday until the supply depletes 😀

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