School Holiday – Day 5 (3 June 2016)

Today we had a rather unhealthy breakkie of char koay teow, curry noodles, Hakka noodles, mee rebus and good old iced teh C tarik and kopi peng at our favorite coffee shop alfresco style the Malaysian way — ‘kar liu’ with using 70% washed plates and cutlery (with oil and detergent still intact)  and other germs 😀  Oh well, our body needs those germs to gain immunity from them.

After breakkie, we went to the coolest and most raved about supermarket in town right at the heart of our neighborhood for shopping and to enjoy the cool air conditioning after sweating it out in the morning sun.

Back home, I did some work on the computer while the girls stuck their butt to the couch with eyes glued to You Tube on the idiotic box.

Today, I decided to do something to get rid of the age spots on my cheeks naturally, yikes!!

I applied fresh lemon juice on my age spots and on drama queen’s nose to get rid of those black heads.  Our #1 and #2 are at the age of getting pimples and black heads.  I am trying out natural remedies on their pimples and black heads with lemon juice, melaleuca oil, Izumio and not forgetting that they get their daily dose of exercise to sweat out the toxins from their body.  Click on the link above to hop to my health blog to find out if I had successfully removed those age spots.

Beauty banter – lemon juice for making lemonade and facial astringent for age spots and black heads 😀

Blueberries & cream Haagen-Dazs ice-cream for dessert after dinner.

This is our simple yet fulfilling holiday spent at home 😀



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