See No Touch

Inspired by my friend’s posting of the picture of her mum’s homecooked black sweet vinegar pig’s trotters in Facebook and also aroused by the killer aroma of this dish from the unit above ours (a lady just gave birth and dang it, her Confinement Lady is drowning me with the aroma of her confinement dishes from dawn to dusk!), I asked my MIL to cook this dish. And so she did a few days ago πŸ™‚


 photo pigtrottervinegar_zpsa7592ae5.jpg


As she cooked a huge pot, there was still some leftover in the fridge. Yesterday she reheated the dish but dang it, I could only see and salivate! See no touch πŸ™

With a fresh wound from a tooth extraction, putting black vinegar into my mouth would only leave a deadly aftermath of stings and possible infection of the wound. So as I watched everyone else sipping on the mouth-watering black vinegar pig’s trotters broth, I could only eat bread and cabbage (cut till very fine with scissors) like a sick cat using one side of my mouth, boo hoo hoo πŸ™




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