Self Healed From Cold

On Saturday, Sherilyn was still having fever and her face was smutty – from the overflowing goo that turned into glue. Her cheeks were hard like a bun glazed with sugar as a result of the gluey goo and she cried when I wiped it off with a wet hanky. She was sneezing and her voice had changed – she sounded like a sick cat. I had called the paed’s office to book an appointment in the morning. After I had put the phone done, it just struck me that perhaps I am just being too kan cheong and over reactive. Should I be bringing my gals to the specialist each time they have a cold or fever? Should I just give her body a chance to self heal and see how it goes tomorrow? Each visit to the paed’s office would leave my hubby at least RM100 poorer. So I told my hubby that we should just wait and see – maybe Sherilyn’s immune system is strong enough to weather this cold? I then fed her with Manuka honey (double dosage) and fed her barley water and lots of plain water throughout the day. Thank God, the next day (Sunday), her goo stopped flowing and the fever subsided too. Today, she looks perfectly well. I guess it’s good that sometimes we parents don’t over react. Of course we have to exercise caution and discretion for each case is different.

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6 thoughts on “Self Healed From Cold

  1. Good that she is recover soon….my kids also fever, cough, flu for more than 2 weeks…the whether is bad now, must take good care!

    by the way, you new blog design very nice, neat and lovely. I like it so much!

  2. I like your blog’s look, very nice. I agree with you that we should let their immune system fight on its own. Too much medication will make the immune system weak.

  3. ya, kids are so rare nowadays and they are so precious to us. I m sure if i got 8 like my MIL, I wont have time to bother about my kids like that….

    hey, glad u found your favourite theme 🙂

  4. Yea, same goes to me. My boys still running nose and coughing, i also give them hanuka honey yesterday! And cook some soup to cool the body. Actually i bring them to see paed when they are having fever. My hub always said, u havent bring them to see doctor ar. I always answer him, flu and cough, medicine all the same, no point. Y not just give them some honey and more water to drink. He always said u’re “Doctor Q”!

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