Self Learning From The iPad2

My little cili padi learns the ABCs and 123s from the iPad2 regularly. Before she is allowed to play other games, she knows she has to first go through her ‘online learning’. Take your love of working with children to a career in early childhood development with

Yesterday she went an extra mile. At one of the letter and number tracing learning apps, she did 1 more step by writing out the letter and number on her doodle after tracing them with her fingers on the iPad and that’s without me telling or showing her how to do it. She spent over half an hour self learning to read and write. Way to go baby girl, I hope you will continue to discover new methods to learn as you grow and will sail through school and uni in future, tee hee 😀

Baby at 3years 7 months.
Can recognize and write almost all the letters in the alphabet and numbers 1-10.

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7 thoughts on “Self Learning From The iPad2

  1. Jean, oh my I really can’t remember as I did that months ago and I downloaded like over 50 of them! I only downloaded the freebies. In the search engine, just key in ABC for kids, ABC tracing for kids, numbers for kids and you will have many results. There are new apps by Apple from time to time too! iPad2 is really a good investment for those with babies and toddlers.

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