Seventh Anniversary Of Cassandra’s Surgeries

I have been telling myself that I ain’t going to post about the anniversary of Cass’ surgeries in my blogs anymore. It is still painful for me to look back at the pictures and read those May 2009 blog postings.  But I just can’t help thinking about what we went through on 5 May 2009 at Gleneagles Medical Center, Penang. Not a single day passes by without me thinking about my nightmarish 3 weeks stay in the hospital with Cass in May 2009.

Many of my readers  who have been following my blogs ever since I started blogging in April 2007 had read about what Cass and I went through in May 2009.  Yes, my blogs turn 9 years old this April 🙂

Every hour that transpired on 5 May 2009 is still vivid in my mind.  That was by far the worst day in my life. Every thing that could possibly go wrong went wrong that day.  I thought Cass and I were really screwed. Damn Murphy’s Law! Hubs was also hospitalized at the same hospital and in isolation for suspected H1N1.  He was so sick that he could not even muster the strength to open his eyes and mouth to check with me on how Cass was doing.  I was down with a terrible flu and had to don on a face mask 24/7 and had no choice but to walk to the outpatient department to get some meds for myself, lest I spread the bugs to Cass.  Alas, Cass got the flu bug too.  Imagine having sutures on your abdomen and dealt with a bad flu.  Double whammy!  Cass’ surgery was extended as the surgeon could not find a proper vein for insertion of the IV line, among other jinx.  Oh yeah, there was also a power failure on the day of the surgery, after Cass was wheeled out of the OT room.  More unfortunate events continued to hex us in the days to come.  Can you believe our hard luck?

Many pictures were taken during our 3-week stay at GMC Penang.  I distracted my mind from worrying the entire 3 weeks by blogging. Many strangers, friends and blog friends sent me comforting messages. Some of them even dropped by at the hospital to pay us a visit.

A few of my blogger friends organized a donation drive to help us fund parts of the enormous hospital bills. I will forever be grateful to PL and Michelle for their kind deed.

The below picture was taken on the 2nd day post-op on 6 May 2009. There were tubes all over Cass’ frail and tiny body.

At 13 months old, she weighed a miserable 7kg. Her weight dropped further after 3 weeks of nil-by-mouth in the hospital 🙁

Cass was devoid of a proper bath for 3 weeks. The nurses could only wipe her down.


Below – after 3 weeks in the hospital, Baby C (her moniker in my blogs) was finally given the green light to be discharged. That was the best Mother’s Day and wedding anniversary gift for me.

I thank God for His continuous mercy and healing upon Cass.   She is now free from Kidney Reflux and on the road to recovery from incontinence.


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