Sexy Breastfeeding Top

This is the spaghetti strap top that’s specially designed for breastfeeding mums.  I bought it from The Baby Loft shop on Sunday.  I’ve never seen such clothing for nursing mums before and was really impressed with the design. 

Just below the strap, there is a detachable hook. Once the hook is unfastened, the outer part of the top droops and then there are 2 holes on the inner part of the top for the baby to suckle mummy’s teats.  Impressive eh? I don’t even need to wear bra (I never liked to wear bra, btw, especially during my breastfeeding days) as the top even comes with bra pads that can be removed.  Too bad, this canggih top (which only costs RM88) only comes in one color, which is black.  The lady boss informed me that in a couple of months’ time, there will be a new batch of the same tops in brighter colors.  I will check out the shop again then.

Maybe I should ask the lady boss of this shop to pay me for writing  reviews of her products!  You think I should?  Or maybe get some products from her shop FOC!

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6 thoughts on “Sexy Breastfeeding Top

  1. Estee…. next time I go to the shop, I’ll negotiate with the lady boss 🙂

    Elaine… what’s the name of the Spore online stores? What if the size that you bought doesn’t fit you, can u exchange it?

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