Sherilyn Has Chicken Pox And Baby C Got Bitten By The Cold Bug

I think I can confirm that Sherilyn has chicken pox as she had fever last night, with a temperature of 38 degrees Celcius.  However, she was and is still very active and is still yakking and singing away non-stop.  I think her Chicken Pox is only a mild attack as she had her Chicken Pox jab taken when she was 1 year plus of age. There are less than 20 spots on her body and hardly any on her face.  I am only worried that Baby C would get the CP virus as she’s not due for the CP jab yet.  I read from Dr Greene’s site that for toddlers under 1 year of age, they will most unlikely get the CP virus as they would have natural immunity from the mother (only if the mother has had CP before, which in my case, I had it when I was 20 years old).  After 1 year old, the natural immunity would wane off.

I remember when I had CP, every part of my body covered with skin had water-filled itchy and painful pox on it.  Even my eye lids, scalp, gums, belly button and my private part had pox on them!  I looked really horrible, as if I had been stung by some huge hornets!

Meanwhile, Baby C got bitten by the stubborn cold bug that had bitten Alycia, Sherilyn and me.  She has a runny nose and lots of phelgm.  She has been super cranky as  she’s feeling extremely uncomfortable with the phlegm stuck in her throat.  She couldn’t lie on her back to sleep as the phlegm would irritate her throat.  Last night, she almost puked a few times because of the phlegm.  Nursing her is also extremely difficult as she could not breathe from the stuffy nose and the phlegm.  We had to sleep in a stuffy room without the air cond and without the ceiling fan turned on and both of us did not sleep well the whole night.  There’s nothing much I can do now except to patiently breastfeed her and hopefully my nutrients-rich and antibodies-rich breastmilk will help her get well soon.

A happy Cassandra after an hour long nap this morning.

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15 thoughts on “Sherilyn Has Chicken Pox And Baby C Got Bitten By The Cold Bug

  1. dun worry about baby C…a church member of mine got chicken pox when her baby was a few months old! the baby didnt get any CP thanks to mommy’s milk.

    my children also very active even though they got CP. the doc said, adult suffers more when the get CP compared to children. i guess that the adult’s body is more contaminated than children’s. 😉

  2. Miche…yes, I think adults have more toxins in their body than kids. Hopefully C wont get CP. I must work harder and feed her with more antibody- boosting breastmilk!

  3. So sorry to learnt about your “suffering”

    For Sherilyn, if you want to ease her sufferings, you can see the doc for some anti-botics to expedite the recovery. My girl caught it too and after giving the medication, she recovers real fast and no sufferings.

    Hope the CP stay away from baby C…

    Take care..

  4. Aiyoo… chicken pox with a house full of children (and adults) sure to get it one after another, some more Baby C got the flu :S You better get more rest whenever you can… bound to be tiring.

  5. Chicken pox is sure uncomfy for kids especially when it gets itchy. I got it when I was 8 weeks pregnant with Juliana thinking she would have the immunity. C C she got it again when she was 3 yrs old together with Jasmine when she was 2yrs. They feel very malaise and sleeps most of the time due to the fever unlike your baby C and the lesions are real horrible with watery stuff and crust. Here’s how they look to recall your memory…I think you saw the pics before: and

    Take care.
    p.s Baby C is so adorable despite her condition.

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