Sherilyn Has Never Been This Sick

…..and this time, it is quite bad. Today is the 3rd day of her high fever and the temperature shot up to 40 degrees Celsius last night and today, despite being on Augmentin, a nose allergy syrup, PCM syrup and a syrup for her swollen throat. Daddy has been really worried and has been calling back to check on her a few times in a day. He has also been sleeping in with Sherilyn for the past 3 nights. Last night, he woke me up to ask me to insert a suppository into her rectum when her temperature shot up to 40 degrees Celsius. He also sponged her the whole night and left a pail with water in the room. Each time the temp shot up, Sherilyn would shiver in cold but thank God she didn’t throw up, unlike Alycia who would puke each time she has high fever.

This pic was taken yesterday during dinner. Sherilyn who was eating dozed off at the dining table. Her temp was really high but she wanted to eat the fried noodles that I cooked, so I gave her some.  All she managed to eat was a few spoonfuls and then she kept telling me that she felt cold…. and she only wanted my shawl, so I wrapped it round her shoulders.  Her body was burning with heat, though she felt as if she was placed in a freezer and her teeth were clattering away.  I kept sponging her body and put a wet hanky on her head.  The bowl of noodles went to the bin after a few spoonfuls and she also took a few small bites of a butter bun and a few mouthfuls of loh hon koa herbal drink that I boiled.

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11 thoughts on “Sherilyn Has Never Been This Sick

  1. Hope that she will get well soon. You might want to let her try Bao Ying Powder from Eun Yan Sang which can help with fever, sore throat and expel the heatiness in her body.

  2. Barb… my hubs brought Sher to the doctor and I think he didn’t ask the dr. how Sher got ill but I’m quite definite it’s the junk food that she ate coz lately she has been eating a lot of chips and M&Ms that our friends gave. And my 2 gals are really prone to getting throat infection as they have sensitive throat, just like hubby and me. Whenever they indulge too much on heaty food, they would surely get throat infection or mouth ulcers.
    And NO, Sher is NOT taking the Millenium cactus juice coz it’s only for Baby C. Can’t afford to feed all 3 of my gals Millenium everyday. If I did, it would have cost me RM500++ a month, just on Millenium!

  3. Oh dear..poor Girl. Actually, when I had mastities..that was exactly how I felt. It was VERY VERY cold, but the body was very very hot. It’s the most miserable feeling in the world.

    If she’s getting so many throat infections, perhaps ask the Dr, if a tonsillectomy would help? I read that that will help reduce the number of throat infections.

  4. poor girl, cant run around for the time being. have u tried using ice water? wet a hanky in ice water and put it on her forehead and armpit. it helps.

  5. Oh dear, is she feeling better today? They shiver because it’s the body’s reaction to bring down the heat. I think the most important thing, as with every ailment, is to keep Sher hydrated. Poor girl *hugs*

  6. Maybe, you should boil Chrythaneum(teh bunga) for her?? It work pretty well for throat infection as it is really cooling. Nowadays, when I see Isaac start having fever, immediately boil and let him drink…and immediately, fever reduce….I dare to do it as I know the culprit to his fever….

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