Sherilyn My Poor Feeder

Sherilyn has been a very poor feeder since she was a baby. She puked a lot too from an infant up until she was 3 years old+.   Till now, she still insists that someone feeds her at every meal *roll eyeballs and shake head*.  

Check out this fler here – no one wanted to feed her the other day and Alycia jie jie volunteered to feed her muahahaha!  Don’t know why this fler hates eating rice with dishes… each dinner is a torture for her, as if she was placed in a torture chamber. But my mil has the patience to coax and force her to finish her plate of rice… albeit with a cane in hand lol!   Whenever she’s not around, Sher would beg my maid to feed her but not me coz she knows I won’t *evil mum*. That’s why whenever my mil is away overseas, I will put noodles and bread (which are her favorites) on the dining table for her almost every meal… save me all the headache, threats and my blood pressure does not have to skyrocket watching her eat, spill food and spill drinks.

Kaik sei lei moh – eat also can’t sit still… her hands must move and she was doing coloring here.

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8 thoughts on “Sherilyn My Poor Feeder

  1. Join the club !!.. at least she sit still on the table. Mine get distracted even by an ant passing by. She’ll play musical chairs at the dining table then to the living room and then kitchen. Really kek sei lor… lol

  2. Alycia is so patient wit Sher.

    I got the same prob with my gal take forever to have her meals and she can just daydream until you knock some sense then she take one spoonful of rice then back to her dreaming world.
    But when i offer her noodles or mashed potatoes no such prob. I wonder why they are so scared of the rice. Sigh have to be really patient which I dun have it and I told her I will definitely starve her once no 2 arrive since I wont have the time sit next to her anymore 🙁

  3. haha, vic used to be like that… i hv to scream my head off, convince, coax, threat, use cane… use bribery… after sometime i guess she jst got fed up and started to eat on her own, no more feeding except for the last 5 spoons or what… and she is like sher as well, dun like the food, it will take her ages.. anything from 1hr to 2 hours just to finish it! sad thing is, coz she’s still abstaining from all food with allergens she has limited food choices, and i’m not keen to give fried stuff all the time, not healthy rite? u tell sher, u want the hard way, or easy way? (hard way = cane, etc)

  4. so sweet! alycia is really a good big sister…luckily u got this pic, can remind sher on what a lucky girl she is to have such a caring cher cher.

    anyway, if you didnt mention she’s a fussy eater, i won’t be able to tell coz she doesn’t look it.

  5. Thk God i dnt have feeding problem with all my kids. By 2 years old all of them can feed themselves without being fussy about food , too. More so for my girls when that idiot alien maid left us..they are even more independant nw. Only thing is I must not put too large a portion in their bowl..and they love soup separately.or else they will mogok makan or find excuse they wanna go toilet!

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