Sherilyn’s 3rd Birthday Dinner

We had wanted a very simple birthday dinner for Sherilyn’s 3rd birthday as I didn’t have the energy and mood to throw her a party and to entertain friends.  Already in my 3rd trimester, I’ve been feeling really tired and sleepy these days, so a dinner in a restaurant would be the easiest. Initially, we wanted to have dinner at a Korean restaurant, just our family with no other relatives and friends but in the end, daddy ended up inviting all his aunties and uncles and we had 2 tables in a Chinese restaurant.

Sherilyn with daddy, mummy, granny and Alycia.

Sherilyn and Alycia blowing the flame off the candles with all their might and the cake was covered with their saliva!

Poor Sherilyn still had a bandage on her forehead resulting from the bloody fall on Valentine’s Day.


Party whistles and party toys for the kids.


Sherilyn, Alycia and their little aunty who is 9 months older than Alycia.

Since we did not make it to the Korean restaurant and all of us were still looking forward to have Korean food, daddy brought us to the Korean restaurant the following day where we had a real fantastic lunch.  Stay tuned for more updates…..

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14 thoughts on “Sherilyn’s 3rd Birthday Dinner

  1. u dnt look pregnant frm ur face alone…u still look pretty..u sure u r carrying a girl? Most preg moms look pretty when carrying a my case and most of my other frens. Hopefully I’m, right then 2 girls and finally one boy..the scan cud be wrong. Just like mine..after the twin boys doc said i was hvg another boy but turned out to be Juliana instead of Julian. Ha ha.

  2. Happy belated birthday Sherilyn!
    hahahaha..Shireen, everyone so excited over to see ur beautiful picture! U still look so great doesnt look like pregnant lady!!

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