Sherilyn’s Chicken Pox-Infested Body

Though Sherilyn has Chicken Pox, she does not appear to have CP the slightest bit.  She is still as active as ever, has no fever, does not feel malaise at all, is eating rice and everything that a healthy person is eating, has great appetite and thankfully the spots are all hidden (under her clothes). Don’t know if it’s because of the E. Excel’s Millennium Cactus juice that’s helping her fight off the infection well.

Can you guess in which part of Sher’s body that’s teeming with the pox?  Scroll down to find out.

Sherilyn’s back…. nope, not this part teeming lar…..

Her phet phet (down under), LOL!   The spots sure know where to grow! 

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12 thoughts on “Sherilyn’s Chicken Pox-Infested Body

  1. Looks really mild… hope she doesn’t scratch “you-know-where” when they’re drying up since the pox are all gathering there *LOL*

  2. that’s nice that she is still active despite the chicken pox. All other kids would be settled in bed and hard to handle. gosh that’s kinda itchy.

    i wonder if her pedia didn’t give her shots for chicken pox

  3. I have chicken pox when I was 4 yrs old, and you know what, maybe, because I was too young, so, the immune system toward this chicken pox is not developed fully… 23 years old, I got ‘shig…’ (can’t remember how to spell it liao)….

  4. Has she gotten the Chicken Pox jab before? If she has, then her chicken pox will be very mild with very few spots. Hope Baby C won’t get infected, cause baby below a year old will usually get a full blown CP. Take care!

  5. Hope Sher’s pox has dried up by now n there’s no discomfort watsoever. Better to separate Sher n Bb C, just in case bb’s immune sys not strong enuff. Esp now when she’s gotta fight the cold bug.

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