Sherilyn’s Down Too

Remember I posted earlier today that Sherilyn puked in the morning after bawling? After lunch today, she complained of tummy ache and cried. I put her on the potty but nothing could come out. Minutes later, she puked – everything came out. After puking, she was still clutching her tummy and cried. I put on some ‘yuyi’ oil on her tummy and took her temperature. One ear showed 38 degrees celsius and the other ear showed 38.3 degrees celsius. Her symptoms are exactly the same as Alycia – lots of phlegm which induced the vomitting, tummy ache, loss of appetite and general malaise. I think it must be the ice-creams that they have eaten over the weekend – 1 scoop on Thursday and 1 scoop on Sunday. Their little bodies just can’t handle too much of cold stuff and sweet stuff since I hardly feed them these stuff at home? I don’t know. It could be Rotavirus. Anyway, half an hour later, her temperature shot up to 38.7 degree celsius. I quickly gave her a Paracetamol Suppository and sponged her body. I hope she gets better later. Looks like it’s going to be another sleepless night for me tonight – checking temperature, feeding water, sponging body, changing diaper, etc the whole night. Well, no complaints, that’s part of motherhood!

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