Sherilyn’s Get The Beat Regional Tour Dance Competition (Sunday, 21 Oct 2018)

My dancing queen and I spent the entire day at the dance competition on our Sunday yesterday.

On the day of my dancing queen’s first solo dance competition, she started to have the sniffles. So did I. We both got bitten by Cass’ bugs which she picked up from school last week.  Bummer!  But she put up a great performance despite having pain on her back and a dribbling wet nose.  Competition was very stiff. The competitors from Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia were SO SO good! So good that I felt nervous. I’d give them a 10/10 for performance, make-up and costume. Those contestants danced like they were parts of the scenes from The Next Step.  The 14 year olds and above are mostly international competitors who look like pro dancers. Whereas my dancing queen has only just resumed dance lessons 2 months ago after a 1.5-year hiatus to prepare for her UPSR exam. Anyway, we were clear from the very start that she joined the Get The Beat (GTB) dance competition not to win but to gain exposure. So I did not put any pressure on her and myself for any winning (1,2, 3 placing).  I just prayed hard that she would not injure herself anymore as a few days before the competition, Sherilyn discovered two lumpy bruises – one at the back of her neck and one near her spine.  Her dad brought her to the physiotherapist and the neck bruise subsided but the one near her spine has to be checked out by an orthopaedic 😰 for possible fluid aspiration.

Anyway, despite all the setbacks, my dancing queen got 3rd placing in the  Student Under 14 Choreography event and 4th placing in the Jazz Solo Under 14 event.  This earned her the Golden Ticket to the GTB Finals in Singapore in November 2018. The event starts on 26 Nov 2018 and lasts for a few days.  But in light of her current back injury, she will be pulling out from the finals. Right now, we have to get an appointment for Sherilyn to see an orthopaedic and treat her back.

All competitive sports come with the perils, sacrifices and pain. Not to mention money.

Enjoy the pix!

Taking a break and eating sushi for lunch after the first event.

Doing stretches and practice before the second event.

Gulping down a packet of Izumio hydrogenated water to recharge her batteries after her second event.

Dancing Queen’s Golden Ticket to the GTB Finals held in Singapore in November 2018.


Can you spot my dancing queen?

She’s behind one of the Caucasian girls on the far right.

Too bad Sherilyn suffered an injury on her back and has to give the Finals a miss.  Given time, more practice and maturity, I am very sure my Dancing Queen will one day be back at GTB for another competition to clinch the First placing in her category.

Here’s a video of our dancing queen doing a routine practice of the jazz piece at the dance studio:

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