Sherilyn And Her Math

I normally go through the use of threats to get Sherilyn to do her homework or work that I’ve given her. With all the dilly-dallying and a bucket full of excuses from her, she sometimes takes days to complete 2 pages of Math questions from the Kumon workbooks that I bought for her. But sometimes, this fella would seem to be very motivated and can complete her work in a jiffy in under half an hour.

On 8 February, this was what I asked her to do. I told her that when I got out from the bathroom, she had better finish the 2 pages of Kumon Math equations, else there will be no dinner for her… and yes she did, she kwai kwai sat on the chair and without a word or sound from her, she told me that she had finished everything, in under half an hour!  I know it’s still considered slow for a  ‘Kumoner’ but looking at her past record, it’s considered good.  She got all the answers correct with only one careless mistake.  Not bad for a 6yo doing a Grade 2 Kumon Math workbook eh?  I told her with delight, praised her sky high that she’s POWERFUL and boy was she proud LOL!!

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15 thoughts on “Sherilyn And Her Math

  1. Barb, no special method actually. I used my own method which I don’t think is the best method. I’m thinking of sending her for mental arithmetic class. Is Ashley’s Math good?

  2. Yvonne, I hv thought of sending her to Kumon but I am worried that Kumon will bore this girl of mine as Kumon is very repetitive and requires lots of homework. Am considering mental arithmetic now for my girls.

  3. Oops…i wonder what happened to my comment earlier. Ashley’s maths is not as powerful as Sher’s 😀 I send her to UC Mas for mental arithmetic. This is her 3rd month already and she’s ok with it 🙂

  4. My 4 year old Christy goes for CMA Mental Arithmetic- I find that it’s good for her because of the left+right brain stimulation. Have seen CMA ‘graduate kids’ doing sums super fast!

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