Sickening News Everyday

Every morning when I go through the newspapers, I read sickening news of rape, murder, plane crashes, fatal accidents and missing children. The latest news is on the young girl who had been sexually assaulted with objects stuck to her private part before being murdered and her body stuffed into a sports bag and left in a shop. The pervert who did that must be a sick psychopath. The one on the missing malay girl, Nurin is also heartbreaking. I can reall feel for her parents. The anguish the parents have gone through, especially when they received news of a murdered young girl stuffed in a sports bag could be that of their little girl. How would you feel if you were the parents? And some sick people could even have the heart to make prank calls to the parents. What have the world become? The days where we could just cycle round the neighborhood the whole evening have become history to our children. I guess my gals will never have the opportunity and freedom like I had to play outside our house and cycle round the neighborhood without parental supervision. I guess they will have to be escorted to everywhere they go until they reach adulthood.

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9 thoughts on “Sickening News Everyday

  1. Really sad to read those news and it happen almost everyday. That’s why we need to watch closely our kids when out going.

  2. Hi HFM—there is a lot of sadness in our world. I guess our job is not to give in to it, but to raise our children to change it.

    Maybe they will make it better if we raise them to.

  3. Totally agree with you. In a way I want my kids to be independent but how am I going to do that when all these are happening?


  4. i really feel sad when I heard about those news. those ppl really no heart, can do that to the kids….so, im very alert when I go out with my son.

  5. i cried too this morning, reading all those stupid news. Hate these cruel people so much, i wish they all vanish and leave our poor children alone!!

  6. The world has become way tooo dangerous for our kids.
    What to do now?
    Stay at home, the girls may become anti-social.
    Go out, they are being risked of being abducted.

  7. Those are sick people that I think have to take away from the society. More heartbroken when they are parent to the victim!..Oh, I just wish I can do the wonder to make them vanish from the world.

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