Sightseeing In New York

My internet connection was disconnected on Tuesday. I was promised that the connection will be up again in 2-3 working days. However, on the second day, it was still not up yet. I was really fuming mad and called our Telekom every 3 hours to check on the status of my case. On the third day (Friday) when the internet connection was still not up, I was really boiling as I had assignments with deadline that was expiring on Saturday. I was later informed that the internet connection will only be up again the following Tuesday! I really flipped when I heard that and was cursing away on the phone.

Anyway, during the 7 days when I could not access the internet, I had a good time resting and watching the TV. The TV was switched on almost the whole day and I watched all my favorite sitcoms. I also had a good time daydreaming of a vacation after watching interesting travelogues on the Travel & Living channel. One of the travelogues featured New York City Sightseeing on CitySights NY double-decker buses. The travelogue featured these double-decker buses that bring tourists to breathtaking views of Manhattan’s attractions, World Trade Center (Ground Zero), Statue of Liberty, New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street, Broadway and many more points of interest during the bus tour. The tour of New York on the double-decker buses really seemed interesting. The travelogue also featured a fun-filled ride on a helicopter around Manhattan. I never knew there were so many interesting activities to do in New York. I wonder if I will ever have the chance to travel to New York or to any states in the U.S.

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