Slowly Turning Into A Clean Freak

My 7.5YO eldest girl is slowly turning into a clean freak… just like her mummy o_O ! These are some of the things that have become her habit now:
1) washes her hair twice a day, with shampoo. She steals my shampoo and conditioner too!
2) secretly applies daddy’s anti-deodorant on her clothes OMG!
4) secretly gargles our original flavor super spicy Listerine, albeit warnings to her not to. I caught her gargling with Listerine again just now. Oh yea, she can be just as stubborn as her mummy *oh no*
5) avoids eating durians lately, lest she has bad breathe *gasp!* This girl used to love durians but beginning this year, she’s started to avoid the king of fruits and king of beans – the stinky petai, which was once one of her favorites too
6) at times, steals my perfume and sprays on her clothes as she says her clothes smell musty
7) steals my face wash foam to wash her face
8) wipes her pencil case and school bag with wet tissues very often

and the list goes…
I wonder if she’ll turn into a full-fledge clean freak with numerous OCDs. I hope not. I used to be one hard-core clean freak before Cassandra was born. But when #3 came along, my life has been so hectic that I don’t have the time to check my maid’s work anymore. I used to check all the table tops and windows and would reprimand my maid if I see specks of dust! Now, it’s a completely different scenario. I can even sleep on a floor that has not been moped coz by the end of the day, I will be so jaded that all I can think of is only to lie down and close my eyes LOL!!

Pix of the bestest jie jie in the www with her baby sister. These 2 are inseparable, even during bedtime. In her sleep, Baby will walk to her che che and sleep next to her favorite che che, hugging her like a bolster.

Deep in slumberland, on her favorite che che’s lap…

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13 thoughts on “Slowly Turning Into A Clean Freak

  1. hhahahahaha….so cute. good that Alycia is a clean freak. i would like mine to be like that. for now, the only thing she can’t stand is dirty fingernails….hehehehhe

  2. aiyo so close both of them, love the last photo. Haha maybe mommy can buy her a small bottle of Johnson&Johnson cologne. Oh my girl is gargle with Listerine daily too, but of coz diluted with water lah.

  3. Kids all go thru stages of different habits and fads, so as long as it is harmless, no worries. I have a niece who would not brush her teeth at age 8 – 10!! Imagine that!! Even the dentist could not convince her! Maybe get A her own personal hygiene products so she won’t have to “borrow”, plus she has ownership of her own well-being and is responsible for that. Another sign of growing up!!

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