Stories From The Operation Theatre… Part 1

Having had gone through 3 c-sections, I have lots of OT stories to tell.  I shall start with stories related to me.  For all 3 of my c-sections, I had spinal cord anesthetic administered, which caused the lower part of my body to be numb and I was conscious throughout the surgery. The side effects of the spinal cord anesthetic were nauseous feeling, difficulty in breathing, headache,  itchiness all over the body and shivering. 

For my 1st c-section, I had really bad itchiness all over my body, esp. on my face which lasted for 2 days.  For my 2nd c-section, I had headache which lasted for weeks.  For my 3rd c-section, I had really really bad shivering after the c-section.  After I was wheeled out of the OT and left at the recuperation bay outside the OT, my body was trembling profusely.  I could feel that it was almost in a state of convulsion.  My teeth were chattering until my jaw hurt and my head was even shaking as a result of the terrible trembling.  Suddenly, I felt as if I could not breathe and asked for an oxygen mask.  I was really shocked and scared but the nurses and my anesthesiologist were so blase about the whole thing.

……to be continued 

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2 thoughts on “Stories From The Operation Theatre… Part 1

  1. Aiyer….i’m still single and i luv babies…i tot giving birth is an easy task…but after following your blog for some time…you scared me leh! But frankly speaking, i’ve learnt alot about of pregnancies, confinement and babies from your blog! *wink*

  2. Hi Shireen, I had mild shivers too after the opt. But still bearable…maybe it was only 1 time epidural… take good care of yourself…

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