Stories From The Operation Theatre… Part 2

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When the terrible trembling and shivering did not stop, the nurses gave me 4-5 thermal blankets.  I felt a tad better but the shivering was involuntarily and out of my control and I just could not stop my teeth from chattering and body from shaking.   My teeth chattered so hard and my jaw hurt so much that I had to feel them intermittently to make sure that my teeth were still there!  After about half an hour in the recuperation bay outside the OT, I was wheeled back to my room.  It felt warmer in my room but I was still shivering and chattering uncontrollably.  

Slowly but surely, I could feel sensation on my feet again.  After the anesthesiologist had administered the spinal cord anesthetic on me in the OT, within seconds, I felt the lower part of my  body turn warm and minutes later, I could no longer feel sensation on the lower part of my body.  That feeling was kinda frustrating, as if you want to move but just can’t.  When I could feel sensation on my feet again, I was really happy.

to be continued….

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