Stories From The Operation Theatre… Part 3

Before I was wheeled into the OT room to deliver Baby C, I waited outside the OT.  As I lay on the bed in the freezing room, a young lady (in her early 20s) and a man (in his early 40s) were waiting there too.  I could see that everyone looked tensed.  Instead of feeling worried and nervous myself, I decided to strike a conversation with the young lady.  I told her I was in to deliver my baby and she told me that she’s going in to operate her brain to remove a cyst.  As she talked to me, I could see that there were spasms on her face.   When I heard that she was in for a brain surgery, I wished her good luck and told myself that I wished to see her again… alive.   I did not talk to the man beside me but heard that he’s going in for a nose surgery.  The OT staff later came to shave the young lady’s hair (only the back part).  After that, I saw the young lady fervently saying a prayer.  I too prayed for myself and for the young lady and the man for a safe surgery.

Up next….. I saw the man vomit blood after he was out from the OT!

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