Stories From The Operation Theatre… Part 4

continuation from Part 3…..

When I was at the recuperation bay outside the OT after the c-section, I saw the young lady who went in for a brain surgery on my right and the man who went in for a nose surgery on my left.   The man had a bandage on the bridge of his nose and he was still unconscious.  I was really curious why he needed the nose surgery.  Moments later, he looked as if he wanted to puke and he looked really horrible.  The nurse who was attending to me shouted out to her colleague to bring a kidney tray to catch his vomit and to bring an instrument that looked like a tube (don’t know what it’s called) to insert into his mouth.  The scene was like the scene from the series ER and it was gory.  I saw the man painfully puked out blood through the transparent tube and he made gory puking sounds too, like he was in great pain.  That lasted for almost 15 minutes.  I was horrified.  That explains why I can never ever be a nurse or a doctor.

I turned to my right and saw a nurse trying to wake the young lady who had gone in for a brain surgery up.  She was saying “Miss XXX, please wake up, your surgery is over, wake up, do you hear me, Miss XXX, do you hear me?”  in Mandarin.  The young lady did not open her eyes and was still heavily sedated.  Before I could see if she did wake up or not, I was wheeled back to my room.  Till today, I still think of this young lady and the man who had gone for the nose surgery.  I wonder how this young lady is doing after the brain surgery.

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5 thoughts on “Stories From The Operation Theatre… Part 4

  1. Wow! They actually put you in the same recovery room with those 2 patients? I would assume all mothers who go in for c-sect will be delivering and recovering in the maternity ward. That’s how it is over here.

  2. It is mandatory to wake someone after a surgery where anesthesia is involved… I don’t know the reason why. It could be to check that they can wake up after all. I guess if they can’t wake, then it means COMA!

    After that, if the patient wants to go back to sleep, they can / allowed to.

    I have been woken 3 times before myself!

  3. i had c sections b4, i understand how u felt too.. oh and a bad CL too, i oso understand! thks God my last Cl was really good and clean and tidy. she even arranged my kitchen cabinet coz she cldnt tahan the mess. my previous maid didnt know how to arrange..

  4. I’ve just read all 4 parts of your OT stories and what an experience you’ve got there. You are a kind person to pray for others too. I was imagining the young lady and the man when you describe them and I think I can’t be a nurse or a doctor as well. Hope they are fine and hope you are fine too.

  5. My dear, probably the reason u see a variety of cases because there is limited operation theatre in a private hospital. If in a government hospital, there will be different O.T(operation theatre) for surgical cases, gynae, neuro(brain) , ENT, paediatric, etc and the cases wont be so fook chap. The tube u saw for the man probably is the ETT(endotracheal tube) inserted for intubation..meaning he needs mechanical ventilator support to breath after the nose operation.mayb he has a growth or tumour or mayb had fracture his nose due to accident. In my scope of work i’ve seen various patients from the many variois disciplines i mentioned above medical, neuro, paeds, orthopaedic, gynae, etc. As for the lady, is the glassgow coma scale (a score to see how alert the patient is) is good, she will recuperate with physiotherapy. take care.

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