Sunday, 4 August 2019

The mil left for New Zealand last night, for a 2-month stay with her third daughter and family;which means that I’ll be slogging in the hot kitchen for the next 2 months dishing out lunch and dinner.  No fun for someone who finds cooking a chore!  But what choice does a health freak mommy have huh?  I haven’t found the mojo nor momentum to cook yet but I’ll soon wing it. Bring on the pressure cooker! But I’ll need to have a short refresher session with my mum when she visits this Friday before I use the PPC again. Mum is an expert in pressure cooking. She uses it to make all her dishes and some of her bakes.

Sunday for me is all about leisurely lunch with family, indolent and languid, best time in the week. But I had to  be up at 4:45 a.m. today. It’s day two of Cass’ camp in school today. Though I had a hard time getting this slugabed out of bed and only left the house 10 minutes before the session started, we weren’t late.  It took me under 10 minutes to reach school vs. 20 – 25 minutes on a regular weekday. The roads were super clear. If only KL roads were like this every single day, my life will be so much less stressful!

Lunch with hubs and the two older girls was at Paradise Dynasty @ Pearl Shopping Gallery.

Paradise Dynasty Restaurant is well-known for their colorful Xiao Long Baos, handmade noodles and Shanghainese delicacy.

The dry la mien noodles look simple and unassuming but they pack a phenomenal flavor punch of fried onion oil. Springy, silky and flavorful, each mouthful offers so much euphoria that you’ll have to stop yourself from stuffing this sinful oodles of carbo into your mouth!

The fried rice is gloriously good and filled with ‘wok hei’ (that complex charred aroma that fleetingly cloaks the rice).

After lunch at Paradise Dynasty, hubs segued into KyoChon to get takeaway Korean fried chicken for the girls’ dinner as I don’t cook on Sundays 🤗

Happy Sunday folks and may your new week ahead be filled with incredible luck and joy 😊

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