Surgeries No More

I hope I never have to undergo another surgery. My Ob&Gyn and gastroenterologist told me after the birth of Baby C recently that my body cannot tolerate another surgery. After each c-section, the tendons, bladder, uterus and other internal organs in my body would adhere to one another, which resulted in my Ob&Gyn having to snip off the tendons and adhesions to separate the internal organs and what not inside. Consequently, the entire intestinal system was inflamed after the third c-section. I could barely walk the following day after the c-section and it took me more than 15 minutes to ease myself in the toilet. I had a painful time lowering myself onto the toilet seat and I wish there was a toilet seat riser with hand grips on both sides to give me support. I also had a painful time getting up from the bed and luckily the hospital bed had railings on both sides, that I could hold on to, to pull myself up.

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