Sweat-Free Crockpot Cooked Kaya and Homecooked Meals

This is my third attempt in making kaya (coconut milk + egg jam) using the crockpot and this time, the texture has improved as I used my most helpful kitchen helper – the Shimono food processor to blend it after cooking the kaya in crockpot for 2 hours.

This is a sweat-free and easy-peasy way to cook wholesome and lip-smacking kaya.

All you need are eggs, coconut milk (santan) and sugar — all in equal amount.  For my recipe, I used 1 big soup bowl of coconut milk (from 2 coconuts), 1 bowl of free-range chicken eggs and 1/2 bowl of organic raw brown sugar.  1 bunch of pandan (screwpine leaves). Even with reduced sugar, my kaya was still sweet.

For time-pressed lazy mothers, you just dump everything into the slow cooker and stir every 15 minutes.  If you have the time, the pandan kaya will have a more attractive bright green hue as well as a stronger aroma of pandan leaves if you squeeze out the juice of pandan leaves into the kaya mixture when it is cooking in the pot.

Once you have tried your own homemade kaya cooked using only natural goodness, you wouldn’t ever want to buy commercially made ones that are super sweet and have food additives.

And below picture was my ‘East Meets West’ homecooked dinner yesterday…

1) Tangy chicken fillet with fresh Portobello mushrooms

2) Butterhead lettuce, broccoli sprouts and alfalfa sprouts, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, Emmentel cheese and seaweed salad.

served with Japanese rice cooked with pandan leaves.

I had intended to cook Terriyaki chicken fillet but when I opened the fridge to search, I then remembered that I had thrown the bottle of expired Terriyaki sauce a few months ago!  So I just whacked whatever marinate sauces I could find in the fridge and came up with this very tasty chicken dish marinated with Lea & Perrin sauce, Japanese Aba Ponzu citrus vinegar, soy sauce, black pepper, Maple syrup and organic agave nectar. The 2 ripened tomatoes and 2 huge onions added so much tanginess and flavor to the sauce.  Needless to say, the chicken dish was a hit with everyone, including the one that’s the hardest to please – the foodie hubs 😀

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7 thoughts on “Sweat-Free Crockpot Cooked Kaya and Homecooked Meals

  1. I will have to try the slow cooker kaya. I usually use the microwave version which can be a tad lumpy sometimes though it takes abt 5mins for a rice bowl amount. And u do make quite an impressive dinner for your girls!

  2. The first time I made kaya was after your post last time (i think one or two years ago). Loved it! Easy and yummy 🙂

    For the chickpeas, do you soak and boil it just for your salad portion? Or boil a big batch and keep in fridge/freezer?

  3. Adrine, no change in taste and texture so far. But as with all frozen food, it’s best to consume them fast, as in say within 2 weeks? Though food can still be eaten after 3 mths, I somehow just don’t like the taste of certain food and dishes after they spend so long sitting in the freezer. The taste definitely do change and I don’t like the ‘freezer smell’.

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