Teaching Your Kids Living Skills At Home

Alycia was feeling a tad under the weather yesterday evening. She said she felt very hot inside her body and felt very tired. I touched her body but it didn’t feel that hot.  I gave her a packet of Izumio hydrogen water and told her to pop 2 capsules of Super Lutein.

Later, I fished out the digital thermometer to check Alycia’s temperature but the batteries conked out. It’s been ages since we last used the thermometer. As we were rushing to send Alycia to the tuition centre, I summoned Cass to help me find new batteries to load them into the thermometer.

As there is a screw at the battery compartment for child safety purpose, I fished out our set of screw drivers. Then I gave Cass a short tutorial on how to unscrew the battery compartment by first finding the right screw driver.  Cass was very enthusiastic to learn. She volunteered to test each screw driver to see which fit the tiny piece of screw. After the cover to the battery compartment was released, I taught her how to put the right sides of the batteries into the compartment by looking at the positive and negative sides. Finally the thermometer was good to go and I showed her how to use the digital thermometer.  Cass learned something new. And Alycia had a temperature of 38.3C. She attended the Math tuition class anyway.

After popping 2 capsules of Super Lutein, a packet of Izumio, a glass of Manuka honey with propolis and 2 Esberitox, Alycia was well enough to go to school this morning. She was very worried of getting a fever as this would mean skipping school today.

In Alycia’s high school, skipping school without an official medical cert from a doctor would mean a deduction of 0.2 marks from every test paper. And for a slight fever or flu, going to the doctor’s office just to get an MC would cost at least RM50! Times are bad and our economy is lackluster, no way am I going to throw away my RM50 just for a piece of paper.  Thank God Alycia got well this morning and didn’t have to skip school.

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