Tellie, The Best Sitter For Me

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9 thoughts on “Tellie, The Best Sitter For Me

  1. i done it b4 when my twins were toddlers and my maid went back for 1 mnth. i had to place both of them in a car seat right in front of the bathroom..leave the door open and shower while trying to distract them. obviusly no one was around..that’s y i had to do it this way. so funny to think back.

  2. My 1 year old gets put into the pack and play and my four year old plays freely in the house. My house if baby proofed and my son doesn’t get into stuff or he knows there are consequences (time out, toys taken away, etc.).

  3. yea, me too. When i’m maidless for four months, tv is the nanny when i need to shower or cooking. Sometime i will bring them together shower with me. This is the only way.

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