That’s How Alycia Eats Her Medicine

Alycia who once gave me and the entire family a real tough time feeding her medicine can now eat her medicine without any fuss. I must say she’s even better than me when it comes to this. I hate medicine and I can never swallow any type of liquid medicine without barfing. All I need to do now is to put a treat in front of Alycia, pour the medicine out in the measurement cup and there goes my baby – she’ll drink the medicine without any complaints but if the medicine has a strong smell, she’ll pinch the bridge of her nose like this :

Notice her watery eyes? This particular medicine has quite a strong taste and she almost puked; I quickly stuffed a pinch of Mexican bun into her mouth which stopped her from puking instantly.

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10 thoughts on “That’s How Alycia Eats Her Medicine

  1. hehe….smart lil gal 🙂 Now given a cup of water, QQ also learn to drink her med *kuai-kuai* without much fuss for she knows that I’ll catch her and force it down her throatif she doesn’t obey mummy:p

  2. Older kids is more easier when comes to med, luckily they able to help them without big fuss. Many can’t did that at her age.

    Btw, you are my new found acquaintance on this tag.

  3. Good girl Alycia. It’s funny to see her piching the bridge of her nose 😀 I have to hide Ashley’s medicine in her milk.

  4. I am quite lucky that Harvynna takes any type of medicine quite easily. With Rowena, I still resort to the ‘chocolate’ trick

  5. Alycia really a good girl ler….did u teach or guide her how to took medicine since young? I still facing problem ask Jona take medicine by himself…always he will puke back to me..

  6. I remembered that when I was a kid, I used to puke after consuming a very bitter medicine. My parents told me that it was sweet but it tasted very bitter indeed, and until now I still have a little ‘paranoia’ when I am approached with medicine :(.

  7. Good girl Alycia…it’s really hard to take medicines, and here you are just pinching your nose, then medicine’s all gone.

    I’m giving you a hug for being very brave!

  8. wow, such a good girl that eat med by herself in her own way…im hardly give it to my boy, need at least 3 ppl to hold him n give the med…he is strong but not brave…

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