That’s My PaPa

That’s Alycia’s drawing of papa (father in Mandarin). Don’t you think it looks like a scarecrow? 

I had a hard time teaching Alycia write the character papa in Mandarin.  Though I had dotted out the word for her, she still could not remember the order of the strokes.  Each time she does her Mandarin homework, I will have to watch her carefully and ensure that the strokes are written in the right order.  Towards the last few words, Alycia finally managed to follow the dots on the words in the correct order.    She has no problems writing words with simple and few strokes (even if they are without dotted lines) but when the word has more than 6 strokes, she tends to forget the order.  Alycia can now recognize a few Chinese words.

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7 thoughts on “That’s My PaPa

  1. I think kiddies syllabus nowadays are a little too hard to handle. Honestly, I cannot read some of the words my 6 yo nephew wrote. So tough!
    But Alycia’s writing looks neat and tidy, unlike my nephew’s.

  2. er… ur expectation is kinda high… or i’m the one having prob?? i think aly’s drawing is great! if u see Xuan’s drawgin, sure u pengsan…

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