The Benefits of Green Tea

What is my favourite beverage? It has got to be green tea. Not a day goes by without me drinking my cuppa decaffeinated coffee in the morning and…. green tea of course, after my lunch. After I weaned Sherilyn off breastfeeding, I drank green tea to shed some pounds. It is known to help in curbing appetite.

The Chinese have known about the medicinal benefits of green tea since ancient times, using it to treat everything from headaches to depression. Today, scientific research in both Asia and the west is providing hard evidence for the health benefits long associated with drinking green tea. For example, in 1994 the Journal of the National Cancer Institute published the results of an epidemiological study indicating that drinking green tea reduced the risk of esophageal cancer in Chinese men and women by nearly sixty percent. University of Purdue researchers recently concluded that a compound in green tea inhibits the growth of cancer cells. There is also research indicating that drinking green tea lowers total cholesterol levels, as well as improving the ratio of good (HDL) cholesterol to bad (LDL) cholesterol.

To sum up, here are just a few medical conditions in which drinking green tea is reputed to be helpful:
rheumatoid arthritis
high cholesterol levels
cariovascular disease
impaired immune function

So instead of heading for another cuppa cappuchino or kopi-o, why not try green tea, a much healthier altrnative.

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5 thoughts on “The Benefits of Green Tea

  1. Any type of tea leaf, it contain caffein, and research said, caffein can interrupt our body cell DNA repairing process and if you wanna stay wrinkles free, stay away from caffeinated drinks whereby tea has the highest caffein among all.

    just my 2c

  2. Really Jeff? From my own research, I gathered that green tea is really beneficial to the health & is an antioxidant. SOmetimes we just dont know what to believe.

  3. yeah, based on the science of Nutritional Immunology, a good plant is not smthg a scientist/researcher can tell you what are the goodness that can be found in it. Instead a good plant should be smthg we can’t find the bad/side-effect of it.

    just my 2c

  4. I did register one but nvr get started 🙂 btw, i’m not from trinity church. I got yr blog-link from karenyiau’s blog 🙂

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