The Diamond Earring

Cass has a tendency to stumble upon money and jewelry whenever we go out. Maybe she’s overly observant.  Or maybe she naturally attracts wealth. *HOPEFULLY* 😉

A few years ago she found a RM50 note when we were at the BSC Shopping Centre car park. Months later, she found RM50 in school and  gave  the note to her teacher.  Once, she found a gold ring under the table when we were at a Chinese restaurant.  We passed the ring to the waitress. Hopefully the waitress was honest enough to have passed it to the Lost And Found Department and I hope that the person who lost the ring went back to the restaurant to look for her ring.

Yesterday I was at an invited promotional event at a bank. While I was talking to the Customer Service staff, Cass found a diamond earring on the floor.  After we left the bank, she showed me the  diamond earring. It was beautiful and the diamond was very glittery! But I wasn’t sure if it was real or fake. I told Cass that we had to return the diamond to the owner and we went back to the bank and passed it to the bank officer. Hopefully the owner went back to the bank to look for her diamond earring.

So whatcha think, y’all diamond experts? Does the diamond look like the real deal?  Cass is dying to find out what happens to the diamond earring and if it’s a real one. She’s been harassing me to call the bank officer to find out from her the fate of the diamond earring.

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