The Downs Of Breastfeeding

Desperate times call for desperate measures… when all other distractions fail to keep Baby still on her highchair during milk time (fed through spoon-feeding), I will always give her the remote control. Whether it’s the Astro, TV, DVD player or dining table light remote control, that wonderful gadget can surely keep her still for at least 15 minutes.

Baby reacting when the light turned dim upon her pressing on the remote control…

Bright-dim, bright-dim, lights off, bright-dim……. Baby is really fascinated pressing the dining table light remote control…. and that’s when I’ll quickly thrust the spoonfuls of milk into her mouth. Stressful or not you say to feed her milk this way? And I have to do this 4 times a day, haih….

My only regret of breastfeeding is that I did not try giving her the milk bottle long enoughย to get her used to the bottle. She was only given the milk bottle by the confinement lady for the first week of her life and thereafter, she has been fully breastfed, directly from my boobies. Now, she only wants my boops and the teat of the bottle or a pacifier seem like a strange toy to her. I wonder how long more I need to spoon feed her formula coz it’s really burning me out and breaking my back. My supply of breastmilk is also not sufficient to plump her up. In fact, my supply has decreased during my 3-week stressful stay in the hospital with Baby… with a few weeks of nursing hiatus when she was on Nil By Mouth and was puking non stop.

I’ve tried giving Baby a sippy cup and a straw but none of these worked. She just won’t drink milk or any other drinks with the cup or a straw, aargh!!

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17 thoughts on “The Downs Of Breastfeeding

  1. it’s hard if baby refuse bottle feed. I still remember my elder, crystal refused bottle feed when I went back to work after 2 months. She totally refused to drink until I came to pick her up after work at about 6pm. She was like a bird finding my boobies by then. I was damn worried but God answered my prayers.

  2. i know how stressful you are trying to spoon-feed baby C as I did it for 2 and 1/2 years. I used the tv to distract Ashley. She would only watch advertisement when she was a baby and so I had to tape all the advertisements and play them to her during her milk time. I had 5 tapes of advertisement…can you believe that? I know it’s not a good habit but I had no choice.

    Have you tried letting Baby C watch Barney or Hi-5 dvds? Or maybe you could try to let her play with the sippy cup with a bit of water. She may eventually drink from it ๐Ÿ™‚ You are a good mother, Shireen.

  3. The only way I could wean my kids was to be out of the house, so she knew my boobs weren’t there. My mum was around so she helped with the bottle/ sippy cup. Don’t forget kids are very smart and I’m sure she can “smell” you out if you are within 1000ft of her!!
    Also, don’t think your breastmilk isn’t enough; it’s a supply-demand situation.
    Good luck!!

  4. Tim refused the bottle when he turns one. I had to spoon feed him till he was 2+. Fortunately, he takes it with a straw and cup after 3+. Maybe try other milk brand, she may like one of the brand and drink from the zippy cup.

  5. Barb… I too hv to use the TV to distract Baby. She only loves her educational VCDs and karaoke nursery ryhmes VCDs. These days, I will play those VCDs on the TV when I feed her but sometimes I dont as I dont want her to be addicted to the TV. Your Ashley is really funny as she only liked ads, hehe!

  6. I have a similar issue with Brandon when it comes to feeding him his porridge. I have to give him a bowl and spoon to distract him while I quickly shove the food in! Like you, I also avoid using TV as a distractor.

  7. Oh, all that feeding must be very stressful on you. Try using an oral syringe. It’s less messy and easier too. Shern love em when he was little, thinking it’s a toy. It worked really well.

  8. somehow, both baby c & shan rae (or maybe all other babies) are similar too.. they need lots of new things/toys to distract them while mummy feeds them!!

    shan rae has nvr used any feeding bottles before. he is definitely different from most babies, coz he loves to drink just like an adult – from a cup or using a straw. he does it quite well too.

  9. Try give some water in her sippy cup and let her play, mouth, bite it. Maybe then she will start love this “toy” and perhaps will start knowing to suck the water in it.

  10. poor you, spoon feeding is really a torture!i’m also having problem feeding my 21mth old gal. she just can’t sit quietly for any meal time. maybe u can try to use a different type of container to serve her milk, say an empty vitagen container + the tiny straw which is included in the pack of vitagen. i’ve tried this and it works, sometimes ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. I stopped giving her breasts, but not breast milk, by the time she’s about 3 months old. After that, I just pumped out my milk to feed her. Save me a lot of trouble….

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