The Downside Of Attending Pre-School

Alycia has picked up another bad habit from pre-school. For the past one week, she loves to put her hands together with  both her forefingers pointing out and 2 thumbs straight up to form a ‘gun’ and she would say “piang, piang, piang”  as she says “I will kill you” to my mum. I have never shown her this before and have never said those words too.  I have also never given her the opportunity to watch such movies on TV.  I am very sure she had learned this from the little boys in pre-school. My mum and I were really shocked and displeased with this bad behavior and have warned her and scolded her but to no avail in stopping her from doing it. In fact, the more we reprimanded her, the more intense her actions were.  I notice that this is very common in kids and I hope it is just a passing phase that a toddler would go through.

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7 thoughts on “The Downside Of Attending Pre-School

  1. small childs are fast learning & like to follow others’ action(s)…this is what we hard to prevent of as impossible for us to monitor the small child all the time in school….mayb can inform the teachers to have a monitoring. this may help!

  2. i notice my boys also have this habit after i put them at nursery. From there, they learn “piang piang”, do use hand do the gun sign and shot me. Especially the young one, so in love with gun! *faint* I think it just a passing phase, now he don’t said “piang piang” anymore but he just like to hold the gun whenever he go and even when he sleep. 🙁

  3. be prepared…there’s more to come. take it from me. i’ve praised my kids for being good when they were younger, but now they have picked up several disappointing things…arrrghhhhh.

  4. u know, now qiqi very stubborn. more willing to listen to her peers than me…guess that is peer influence huh? wait till they become teenagers…i think i would vomit blood that time…

  5. distract her with other activities besides the piang piang as my gal also knew that but now no longer doing this as no one is reminding her. Worst still, my younger sisters (her aunties who’s in early 20s) taught her… pengsan!

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