The Two Proud Sisters

Alycia and Sherilyn getting all excited seeing their new baby sister for the first time.  They were fighting to touch, hold and kiss the baby when they were in the hospital.

Back home, Alycia and Sherilyn were always trying to get my attention.  I know they missed me very much during my 4-day stay in the hospital, especially Alycia.  Whenever I am in my bedroom with the baby, the gals will insist to be in the room too.  And poor me had to multi-task.  Yesterday night, as I was breastfeeding the baby on the bed, Alycia sat on a stool at the bedside table on my right.  I was coaching her in her homework, which was not done since Thursday last week.   On my left was Sherilyn on the bed with books spread on the bed and I was reading to her.  It really ain’t easy to be a mother to 3 kids.  Hopefully I will get a hang out of it pretty soon.

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19 thoughts on “The Two Proud Sisters

  1. wow…what a joy and…..can see happiness and love for their little sis..on their face…
    Take care….

  2. its not easy but once ur bb is stable with her nen nen time, then ur girls will hv u back. temp only n happy breastfeeding! rest well

  3. U really superb !!! just the 4th day oredi coach Aly! If me, sure after 2 weeks… and by that time, my gals homeworks berlambak lambak!

  4. u need to rest well, drink lots of water to have enough milk supply. Dont worry u will cope somehow. That’s mother nature and u will be a good one, too.Beware when ur baby starts to drool, u will start loosing hair..sounds funny but true for all my pregnancy. i think more of a hormonal thig rather than oldwive’s tale. Take care . Hugs and kisses to baby name yet?

  5. wow wow she has lots of hair! and look at the cheh cheh so cute!

    Geesh its really not easy taking care of 2 kids. I wonder how i will cope with 2 .

  6. Congrats to you on your new baby girl!

    I am sure you will get the hang of it soon. You been through been a mother to 2 gals, so been mother to 3 gals is nothing! Take care and all the best

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