TigaP Issues Again

One of my posts which got rejected by TigaP was rejected again, the 3rd time on the same post. The first time, they said I used sentences from the web release and advertiser’s site. The 2nd time, they said I didn’t put in enough links to the advertiser’s site (i think they imposed this condition after i had submitted my post, from 3 links to 5 links) and the 3rd time, they were really nit-picking on me. They said I posted this post after a paid post. I never knew they dont even allow TigaP posts to be posted after a non-TigaP paid post. I thought we have to include a non-paid post after the TigaP post but now, looks like the TigaP post MUST be sandwiched between TWO NON-PAID posts which cannot be tags or scraps or any posts which do not look like a non-paid post. Is that a known rule for all TigaP posts to be sandwiched by 2 non-paid posts? Just so pissed off with TigaP, wasting all my time just fixing one post.

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4 thoughts on “TigaP Issues Again

  1. oh dear..they are really picking on us over here. maybe better read up their TOS again in case there are new ruling. i guess you no longer can resubmit this post since you are NOT allowed to move your post about. will email you what happened to me ;D

  2. i’ve never encourtered that in their rules, but that’s an interesting note to remember. I’ve submitted a ticket to them too about their advertisers changing the links thus rejection on the part of the posties. They said they’ll look into it. I guess those kinds of issues has never been resolved.

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