Times Are Bad

Yesterday I witnessed a thief who was handcuffed by police. That was my very first time witnessing a criminal being apprehended  by policemen.

As I was entering the supermarket with Alycia, we saw the thief sitting on the stairs leading to the supermarket with a policeman each on his sides guarding him. His hands were at his rear and handcuffed. Minutes later, the police car arrived. There were many policemen there and some were holding rifles. The petty thief was being shoved into the car by the policeman.  For a moment, I felt sorry for the thief. He was scrawny and feeble. I heard from a juice promoter at the supermarket that he was caught on CCTV trying to steal food. I felt sorry that he had to resort to stealing food. It could be for his kid or himself.  No way am I condoning a crime ok. But I just felt sorry that someone has to resort to stealing food to curb hunger, knowing the consequences that he has to face should he be caught. The whole scene looked like a very serious crime but it was only a petty theft.  Some people are still treated with respect and pomp though they had committed  much bigger crimes but sadly they are untouchable and unquestionable.

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I could not believe my eyes when this morning, less than 24 hours after witnessing a petty crime, I saw another petty crime taking place right in front of my eyes and less than 20 meters away from the crime scene of yesterday!  As I was driving my car into the parking area to have breakfast at our regular coffee shop, I saw the owner of a mini mart hitting a guy. The guy sped off in lightning speed by foot to the main road. I heard the mini mart owner telling the parking attendant nearby that the thief was trying to steal something from his mart.

A few days ago, a friend’s friend was a victim of a traumatic daylight robbery. When her car was at the traffic lights, a robber smashed her car window, then smashed her head and grabbed her handbag.

Times are really bad. We are feeling the effect of it too. To everyone reading this post, be extra vigilant whenever you are out and about. Do not be the next victim.


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