Tomorrow’s Finally The Big Day!

The big day is finally drawing real close.  Just can’t believe that in less than 20 hours, I’ll be meeting my 3rd angel.   My biggest nagging fear is the spinal cord anesthetic, which is really painful and the administration of the anesthetic seems terribly long too. One wrong move and I’ll be finished!

Please do pray for me for a pain-free and fright-free delivery and for my baby to be healthy, normal and beautiful.   I’ll definitely miss blogging and reading all your wonderful comments. 

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36 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Finally The Big Day!

  1. Shireen, u mean the epidural? I tot i m the only unlucky soul in the world to feel the sharp pain when they poke into my nerve 🙁

    Hope to see your new baby soon, take care!!

  2. Whoa … the epidural was the worst sensation of pain from my labor. One I will always remember and dread if I’m blessed with more babies in the future.

    I wish and pray for you, Shireen. A smooth sailing delivery and a healthy beautiful baby girl. Take care!

  3. will pray hard for your smooth sailing delivery! Can’t wait to see your pretty angel! How much i wish to hold ur little one in my arms!!!

  4. Hi HFM,

    I enjoy reading your blog very much and this is my first time leaving a comment for you. Happy smooth and safe delivery. May god bless you and your little one 🙂

  5. Hi Shireen, wishing u all the best & a safe & smooth delivery.

    Hope to see your healthy & beautiful baby soon.Take care.

    From : Kim

  6. Dear Shireen, I consider people contemplating to have no 3 very couragious, I have 2 angels myself, happy confinement and take care….

    I really salute you for the effort, patience and determination to bear your own child……mothers are really so superb, no words could ever describe a mother’s love…..

  7. Shireen,
    Relax and enjoy your delivery. Your angel and you will be find under the care of God and his blessings.
    Take care after delivery and keep me posted yah by sms if u dont have time to blog.

  8. guess i’m a bit too late wishing you a safe delivery here….yr little angel will be out by now…hope to see her soon….take care.

    Babies brings joy and happiness to a family….see how happy Jlo with her twins at my place….

  9. Oh gosh I never wan the epidural cos I am too scared of it and end up twice on GA. Can’t wait to see your baby. Take care and have a smooth delivery.

  10. OMG woman can’t believe it’s time already. You’ll be fine, don’t “kagi hak kagi” (self deluded paranoia hehe). Can’t wait to see the new arrival!

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