Too Difficult For A 4-Year Old?

I bet many of you do not know what animal lives in a hutch eh? Some of you don’t even know the meaning of a hutch. Admit it if you’re one of them 🙂

When I was flashing this pile of cards to Alycia on the name of the place that animals live in, I admit that I had to search the dictionary to see what animal lives in a hutch.

A hutch is a wooden box or cage with a front made of wire, used for keeping rabbits, etc. in. Pre-schoolers are becoming more advance in their vocab these days. I’m also learning new things everyday when I coach Alycia in her homework, especially in the use of the abacus and Mandarin. I really don’t remember learning all these things when I was in pre-school. All I remember is that I used to play a lot in pre-school.

Do you find that the things your kids learn in pre-school a little too advance for their age?

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18 thoughts on “Too Difficult For A 4-Year Old?

  1. Now I know wat’s a hutch. *paiseh* I find that the syllabus in XY’s kindy (Montessori) is quite appropriate for their age. Wat kindy does Aly attend?

  2. ya..I do not even know what a hutch is until now…..nothing is too difficult for a child as long as he understands the meaning of the new words he or she had learn….they will absorb everything at this tender age into their active and fresh minds …..

  3. I admit!

    I will also admit that I kicked another boy because a 3rd boy told me to! The teacher didn’t scold me (fiercely) but did say if I do it again, she will give my shoes away to kids who don’t have shoes to wear..

    You are right- Caitlin’s extra Mandarin classes are quite advanced. They started off learning how to pronounce and write the different strokes already, and now they are at the heng zhe strokes already, which if I recall correctly, was something I only learned in standard 2..? Maybe because the basic classes (the original timetable, not the extra class) are already teaching the basics like counting…

    Thanks for dropping by my blog, by the way 🙂 (I admit again!) I haven’t been reading a lot of the blogs that I used to earlier this year and thus not leaving comments; have only been reading less than 5 regular blogsites; whom ….

  4. Yes definitely. I’ve been tutoring my kids and I was like, wait it took this in high school, and here they are studying it in the elementary grades.

    I learn a lot too from teaching them.

    Yes I admit I don’t know what a hutch is, so I leaned something new today ^_^

  5. Wow! Very tough but wonder it’s because these flashcards are not “local” and hence some words may not be of everyday use. A lot of the kindergartens ard here in Canada will have a rabbit or chicks in the class to teach kids how to care for animals, learn responsiblity etc and a “hutch” may be a common word in that instance.
    With regards to homework, a law was passed here recently to FORBID homework in kindergarten. Even in Gr 1, kids are encouraged to read(yes, even comics! Incidentally, that’s how my son became such an avid reader and went on to compete for the regional Spelling Bee! OK, a bit of parental pride there..) and less of writing and homework etc. I feel sorry for mums and dads who have to help with their kids’ homework. I feel more sorry for the kids who feel pressured. I am sure not many agree, but learning has to be fun. It’s quite different from memorization or rote-learning.
    The weird part of all this is I know many M’sians dream of sending there kids to oversea Universities, but just remember that those kids are competing with other kids who didn’t have to do hours of homework! OK, enough of my rant! I enjoy your blog, read it often as I can. Pls don’t bother to publish’s ok with me.
    Enjoy your babies! They are precious!!

  6. I know ” hutch ” telephone prepaid card . ( Now Vodaphone).You’re right Shireen !! I’m also learning new things when I’m helping my son. Internet’s the only blessing. My son’s second language’s ” French”. So I’m also learning French along with him. If we’ve some doubt we’ll find out from ” Yahoo- Babel” translation. eg : Translation from French > English or English > french.

    Take care of your health

    Thanks a lot for Angels photo

  7. Hehehe! I learned that word when I taught my boy.

    Yup.. It is definitely far more advanced than my time. My girl was taught multiplication when she was in K2 and I don’t remember I did that when I was her age.

  8. True, but, no choice….I hate Chinese, cause I’m clueless about it and dont’ know how to guide Jona…feel bad

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