Udon Noodles With Anchovies + Chicken Broth

I whipped this up for the kids’ lunch last week. It was so lip smacking delish that they all requested for it again the next day!

Here’s the pot of soup made from lightly pan fried anchovies and chicken bones, boiled for an hour.  While the pot of soup is wholesome, the commercially made fish balls and fish cakes ain’t that nutritionally sound as they are loaded with MSG, salt and food additives… and my kids love these fish balls the most.

A bowl of Udon noodles with fish balls, fish cakes, chicken breast and Chinese cabbage.  The blue bowl of noodles is for Baby.  I didn’t give her any of the salty fish balls but only the chicken meat, which she absolutely loved.

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6 thoughts on “Udon Noodles With Anchovies + Chicken Broth

  1. thanks for giving me your idea of preparing anchovies, I have never tried cooking udon noodles at home, now I can buy one packet from the supermarket to try out with your recipe ..

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