Under The Weather

It’s a bad month. First Alycia was down with throat infection, next was Sherilyn. A week later, Sherilyn developed phlegm and cough and days later, the bug bit me too and I have been feeling under the weather for 2 days already. Yesterday, I felt so unwell – I had stuffy nose, kept sneezing, my throat hurt, I felt very lethargic and felt really crabby. I just did not feel like blogging and only wanted to sleep but each time I tried to nap, my 2 older gals would kacau me with their never-ending ‘I want your attention mummy’.

I was terribly worried yesterday when Baby C had mild fever. Each time she has fever after the UTI attack 2 months ago, I would worry my a** away, not knowing if it’s another UTI or other problems. I fed her double dosage of E.Excel’s Millennium Cactus juice. I also doubled the dosage for both my older gals as this morning, Alycia is also down with cough and phlegm. Alycia threw up when she was brushing her teeth, which is actually a good thing, coz that’s the best way of expelling the phlegm.

The whole of last night, I sponged Baby C’s body and force fed her by bringing her to my teats. She can now sleep through the night without waking up for milk but I often wake her up when I have engorgement. I also prayed hard the whole night that Baby C’s fever would go away. Thank God, the fever subsided this morning. Sherilyn’s cough and phelgm have also improved. I am also feeling much better today after drinking the Cactus juice myself. I don’t know if it’s the Cactus juice that’s working or just a coincidence but I’m thankful to God that my gals don’t have to see the doctor and eat meds this time.  I really hate the idea of feeding them so much meds every month.  My friend who sold me the Cactus juice told me that the box of Millennium juice can last us for 1 month but at the rate we are consuming this juice, I think it will only last us 2.5 weeks to 3 weeks, at the most. I also heard that the price of this juice will increase by 10% next month, making it RM500+ for a box!!   Nonetheless, if this juice can really fight off infection and strengthen the immune system, I won’t mind buying it. 

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11 thoughts on “Under The Weather

  1. Hi super mummy,
    Take it easy. It’s just the season. I think most bloggers like me and you having small children are undergoing the same problem. It’s the weather, the epidemic and I must also say it could be the dustmite in our house that we cant see. Vacum, sun the pillows and blanket every week. Chnage their tooth brush, clean eating and drinking utensils properly. Since my paid problem I got more of this problem after having to send my kids to the nursery and childcare. i take honey and I find it helps. Also scott emulsion to boost immunity. Take care.

  2. poor you and the girls. glad everyone is recovering. i have not tried the juice myself…just ashley 🙂 i feed her 1 tablespoon a day and a packet last about 1.5 to 2 months. sometimes i wonder…how long i would have to continue giving her this juice as it’s getting to be very expensive 🙁

  3. oh dear, you really have to take care of yourself first…if you are not well, the kids will suffer too. As mothers, our love for our kids is so great and often we dont think much for ourselves. The kids come first. Your girls are so blessed to have you to tend to them 24 7. Keep up the good job but pls take good care of youself too


  4. how about taking Nutrifresh rather than the Millennium juice, Nutrifresh also can strengthen immune system, some more it is much more cheaper than the Millennium juice.

    Hope you all get well soon.

  5. So far, I give Jona and Isaac, some combination juices = grapes + lemon + orange, and it really boost their immune system. Not only that, Jona can pass motion daily without any problem anymore……it is cheap and healthy (my mom read it from health magazine)!!

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