Update On Cass’ UTI – 20 January 2016

This morning Cass told me that the pain level at her bladder region is at 0.5/10 and by evening, it is zero pain, woohoo!!  Am praying fervently now that the pain does not return tomorrow.

I’ll still be keeping Cass at home tomorrow to allow her urinary tract to heal completely before she goes back to school either on Friday or next Tuesday (thank goodness Monday is a public holiday!). I am going to be a nervous wreck when she goes back to school. Though I hate to spend my mornings in school, I guess I have no choice but to spend 2 hours a day in school to supervise Cass on her water intake, to give her the bunch of anti-UTI potion and to ensure that she pees every hourly.

The other thing that Cass has to do to prevent another UTI attack, besides not holding back her urine and to drink water like a fish is that she has a list of trigger food to avoid. These are the foods that will irritate her bladder and are mostly acidic food. Among them is spicy food!  She has to give up eating spicy food *SOBS*!  Which means that I will also have to steer clear of spicy food whenever she’s with me, to remove all the temptation from her sight 🙁

I am now more well prepared in handling a UTI and should the very first tell-tale signs appear again, I now know what to do to prevent a full-blown urinary tract infection from happening. But knock on wood. I hope Cass will never have another bout of UTI attack, ever again!

If you’ve been praying for Cass’ recovery, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Update On Cass’ UTI – 20 January 2016

  1. Hi Shireen, glad to hear that Cass is better. My eldest girl was also prone to UTI when she was little. Some things that we tried to do. Consume unsweetened cranberry juice, yogurt with probiotics, wipe from the front to the back and empty the bladder completely by tilting forward slightly after peeing. Hope Cass adjusts well to her new routine at school.

    1. Hi Su, Cass knows that she has to double void (double pee) but sigh, I know this girl wont do it when she pees in school. After these 2 UTI episodes, she is a little more scared now. I’ll have to keep reminding her till it becomes her habit. Thanks for the tips. Your girl has no more UTI now? How old is she now?

  2. She’s 16 and has not had UTI for awhile. But for the past few years, she’s been experiencing a terrible case of eczema. Last summer we went cold turkey and got off steroid and she itched like crazy. Like you we prefer to try natural remedies before resorting to medication. Keep encouraging Cass…a new routine is always stressful but she is such a trooper!

    1. Hi Su, hope your girl’s eczema is now under control. Are you residing overseas? If you are in Msia, you may want to try Izumio hydrogen water. It helps to keep eczema under control.
      Eczema is very hard to be treated but can be. I hope your girl will outgrow this too. Bless x

  3. Thanks Shireen, we live in the US and have tried many types of cream, vitamin etc. She is just learning to manage it. Worse especially during allergy season in the spring and fall! ?
    How’s Cass? Hope she gets some well deserved rest this weekend.

    1. Hi Su, have you heard of eating frogs (tin gai in Cantonese) to treat eczema? I have friends and relatives who ate frogs to overcome their eczema. No harm trying too 😉 It’s a delicacy in Malaysia.
      Cass has no more pain since 2 days ago. I’m def. going to be worrying sick for her when she goes bk to school next week.
      BTW, how did you land on my blog?

  4. Hi Shireen,
    Wow! That sounds so exotic. I don’t know if we can even get tin gai here!
    I will be praying for Cass when she goes back to school. She is a brave girl and has gone through so much at such a tender age. Hopefully as she grows, her bladder will strengthen.
    I think I first started reading your blog when it was linked to reanaclaire’s blog. We both have three girls and my hubby is also from Ipoh.

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