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Internet connection has been super duper bad today. I’ve wasted so much time trying to sign into Blogger, then have to wait like forever for the page to download and I can’t even upload pictures to my posts.  To make matters worse, my gmail is down and I can only view my mails in HTML mode. The stupid guy from Streamyx Help Desk yesterday directed me to delete some files and cookies from my computer and since then, my computer has been acting so wierd.  Tomorrow, I’ll have to send my computer to the shop for repair. Double whammy!!

This afternoon, Alycia told me that her head was painful and when I touched it, it was HOT.  When I checked her temperature, it was 38.6 degree celsius. I gave her some syrup paracetamol but she puked. I then immediately gave her a Voltaren suppository. When she woke up from her nap, her fever subsided and she was active again.  We cooked porridge for her for dinner but she only ate a few spoonfulls.  I then gave her some cold pears and cold organic juice.  Minutes later, when I checked her temperature, I was shocked to see that it has shot up to 39.6 degrees celsius. I immediately sponged her body. I’m going to give her a bath now and give her another Voltaren suppository.  I’m praying that her fever will subside coz I really want to attend the bloggers’ gathering this Sunday. I’ve missed the last one and this time, I really don’t want to miss it again. 

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4 thoughts on “Updates For Today

  1. hope aly gets well soon, a cold sponge bath will do, i normally get water from the ref and pour some in a face towel, then sponge her whole body especially the underarms

    Is that bloggers meetup with Chinnee?

  2. hope ur girl gets well soon. my girl also got fever, having on and off and i give paracetamol and ibuprofen too.. i sponged her too when her fever shot up to 39. she doesnt wanna wat porridege but she is still active..must be the bug or virus attack, blah blah blah..

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