Updates On Baby C’s Lazy Guts

My worst fear came true this morning when Baby C puked at 3am. The whole of last night, baby’s been very fretful and kept tossing and turning and fussed.  I knew she wasn’t feeling too comfy and finally at around 3am, she puked… greenish liquid plus water.  Towards the morning, at around 7ish am, she puked again and again.  My heart crumbled.  I feared the worst and I feared that the doctor would order her to the OT this morning.

After the surgeon came, listened to her guts through the stethescope and examined her tummy this morning, he told me that he’s quite certain that there is no obstruction of the guts. If her guts were obstructed, she would not have pooped out bits of carrots and there would not be so much volume of poop. Also, if her guts were obstructed, her tummy would look really distended, red and swollen. The x-ray taken yesterday showed that the pattern of her guts is as good as normal. Our surgeon reckons that baby most likely has gastroenteritis.  After the surgeon left, when the nurse came to check baby’s temperature, she has developed high fever. The only fluid that baby is allowed to drink now is plain water and clear fluids like diluted ribena or 100 Plus.   I have also fed her some Probiotics powder.  All we can do now is to pray for divine intervention and be patient.

Picture taken last night. Baby C was really well and played with her toys happily.

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21 thoughts on “Updates On Baby C’s Lazy Guts

  1. Haha HFM, i saw baby’s C pic and the upper left corner was kinda “liquid-paper-off”…haha

    We will all pray for Baby’s speedy recovery and you too, must take good care ya 😉

  2. good to see that she is now sitting up to play, wearing that cool glasses some more!!

    quite amazing lil baby u have, shireen. my boys will not be able to play by themselves for long in cot.

  3. Thank goodness Dr thinks her guts are ok. I hope he finds out the cause of her vomitting bouts soon… Hang in there, you tough little cookie!

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    Good to hear that baby C is alright now.

    Remember, strong mommy will produce strong baby. Be strong always. Take heart.

  5. Oh she still looks absolutely cutie with her glasses even though the surrounding is qite scary for her.

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