Way To Go Baby

Baby said the word ‘goggles’ yesterday!  I was really stunned when I heard her say “dor… gles” when I brought her to the bathroom to have her cleaned up after her lunch.  As she said “dor… gles”, she pointed to her jie jies’ goggles which were hanging on the towel rack.  When I corrected her pronounciation, she kept saying “dor…gles, tor….gles” many times until she finally pronounced it right and said “goggles”! 

She can also say “mo more” (no more) as she points to the TV whenever her educational VCDs have finished playing on the TV.   Yesterday, hubby and I were really amused when she said “daddy” loudly and clearly as hubby entered the main door when he came home.

Baby can also say “boy” clearly at the end of the line whenever we sing the song ‘Ten Little Indian Boys”.  She is giving us surprises like these everyday and though she’s the most difficult baby to handle of my 3 gals (and most expensive baby too!), she is nonetheless a joy to have in our family.

Baby putting stack-up cups on her feet…. then trying to stand up with the cups on her feet, as if they were roller-skates. She must have seen kids riding on roller-skates from her Bumble Bee Smart Baby Vocabulary Builder VCD and now trying to immitate those kids!

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