Welcome Baby!

Baby C at a few minutes old, inside the OT.

Here’s baby C.  I am calling her baby C coz I have not settled on a name for her yet but it’s most likely beginning with the letter ‘C’.  I am undecided between 2 names…

I’ve had quite a smooth sailing c-section but a nightmarish post surgery.  I had inflammation of the guts where I had extremely painful spasm of the guts every 5 minutes for 2 days (a situation caused by too many csections), suffered for 2 days, had an x-ray, had my hands poked 3 times for IV drips, had 3 big bottles of enema pumped into my anus, etc, etc.  But I thank God for it as I believe it is a blessing in disguise.  Shall post about it later.  Ok, gotta go…..

Baby C at 1 day old.

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37 thoughts on “Welcome Baby!

  1. Congrates Shireen and well done. Welcome Baby C to your new family. Surely daddy, grandparents and your cheh chehs are all excited and happy with your presence. I’m sure mummy will breastfeed you Take care mummy and baby! Cheers!

  2. I was waiting for updates…your girl looks cute…
    It must be a whole new experience even though she is your no3…

    Have a good rest and Happy Confinement….

  3. Congratulations. She is so cute!! Get well soon and take care & enjoy all the yummy confinement food. I am sure you have a good confinement lady with you.

  4. Congratulations. You are so lucky to have 3 angels. All the best and take good care. I always wanted to have another baby. I really admire mother with 3 kids. It is a blessing from God.

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