What’s She Up To?


Do you have any idea what Alycia is doing here? Alycia is stacking up her Crayola magic color pencils one on top of the other to see how long she can hold them straight up before it collapses. That’s how she entertains herself these days when I am too busy with Baby C.  Thankfully, she is quite independent now and can do most things by herself.

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4 thoughts on “What’s She Up To?

  1. Alycia is growing be a fine girl now, huh. She looks more like you i noticed. Espcially her smile. BTW, her fridge is getting longer and covering her eyes soon. time for mummy to cut them, I supposed?

  2. my first thought when i saw the pic was ,”What a pretty little girl!”. ha ha.

    its a blessing isnt it, when they learn to entertain themselves, giving you that little bit of free time to do the cooking etc?

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