What Drives Me Bonkers

My 2 gals are really angelic and charming when they are anywhere outside the house. The minute they step foot back home, they automatically transform into little monsters and could instantaneously drive me bonkers with their nonsense. Here’s a list of the top 10 things that my gals do that really drive me bonkers and send fire up my head:

1) When I need to get some work done and they refuse to nap or sleep despite all my coaxing, threats, bribes and whipping.

2) When the gals start giving me excuses like they want to poo poo, wee wee, drink water or complain of body itch or pain, etc after the lights are turned off at night. What irritates me most is after I have put on my hand lotion and worn my socks after applying cracked heel lotion on my feet and all ready to plonk my battered body on the bed for a good night’s sleep, my 2 brats start demanding that they want to poo poo or wee wee and drink water, both gals demanding at the same time, one request after the other.

3) When they whine and whimper for no real reason. The sounds of whining drive me nuts.

4) When they refuse to eat their proper meals but demand to eat crackers or junk food that daddy has bought.

5) When one of the gals want to watch Barney and the other demands to watch Hi-5 and then they start crying and fighting when I say no one gets to watch anything or when I accede to one of the gals’ request, the other whose demand is not met throws herself into a fits of rage.

6) When they mess up my computer or shut down my computer when I am in the midst of working.

7) When they tear their expensive story books or wreck their toys.

8) When they turn complete deaf to my warnings and continue in their forbidden acts and stunts.

9) When they cry till they puke and make a complete mess on the bed and on the floor just before bedtime, when I am always drop dead tired and sleepy.

10) When Alycia demands to wear the same old outfit (which is her Pumpkin Patch or Mothercare jeans and pink Benetton t-shirt) each time we go out though she’s got a wardrobe filled with pretty dresses and refuses to wear most of the dresses. Alycia is a tad tomboyish when it comes to her choice of clothes as she prefers jeans and t-shirts to dresses and skirts.

Now what drives you crazy?

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4 thoughts on “What Drives Me Bonkers

  1. what drive me crazy? almost the same as yours…pukey, tantrums,whining, crying….the list goes on and on 😀

  2. Yes , it’s not easy to be a SAHM.Can be very taxing and frustrating at times. You’re already doing very well. Just try harder to have more PATIENCE and TOLERANCE.

  3. Hhahhaha!!! mine got radar.. everytime i need to do some cooking .. or need to use the washroom. that’s when she wants attention..!! now that drives me nuts..!! and refuses to sleep.. by midnite..!

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