Wholesome Pancakes

Today I made pancakes for the girls. Normally I would use organic wholemeal flour but the other day, I bought a pack of PanJack pancake flour to try. For added nutrients and protein, I added 2 big scoops of milk powder and 3 eggs into the batter.

The result was REWARDING! My girls loved the pancakes. They were crispy on the sides and soft in the middle. I also added some scraped block Cheddar cheese into the batter and used butter to fry the pancakes, which made the pancakes really fragrant and mouth watering. The wafting aroma of the butter melting in the pan as it cooks the pancake batter can really drown someone who is on a low carb diet… and seduce her to succumb to a whole slice of the delish sinful morsel.  Yup, I succumbed to a whole slice of the sinful delight… with drizzles of maple syrup too *guilty !!*

Baby impatiently digging into her pancakes.

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6 thoughts on “Wholesome Pancakes

  1. ashley is a pancake lover too and ask for it almost every weekend. i usually add milk and full cream milk to the pan jack flour. sometimes i get the pancake mix from daiso. they are yummy 🙂

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